US crypto currency regulation status

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Current Regulatory stands:

  • Mining (Permissive)
  • centralized exchanges (Permissive)
  • ICO (Permissive)
  • P2P bitcoin trading (Permissive)

In the country that houses Wall street, which created the banking crisis of 2008 and by that lead to the creation of Bitcoin, no regulations exists that stop people using bitcoins. Currently the United States of America are open to bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Although several well known financial figureheads has publicly said that bitcoin is fraud, no actions has been taken to regulate parts of it. Since December 2017 the first real Future trading markets opened in the States and although several government officials have said they are paying close attention to the developments no concrete actions have been taken. Interestingly, although the US does not prohibit ICO`s, the rules they apply to ICO`s(mostly around financial audits) make it prohibitively expensive for the issuing company to have Citizens from the States join in there ICO. The result being although not blocked by the government most american citizens cant join ICO`s because they are blocked from the other side. 

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