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Russia crypto currency regulation status

Russia bitcoin Placeholder
Russia bitcoin

Current Regulatory stands:

  • Mining (permissive)
  • centralized exchanges (contentious)
  • ICO (contentious)
  • P2P bitcoin trading (permissive)

Russia started of hostile to bitcoin adoption with several attempts to ban it, although no new regulation came into effect. Also these attempts did not stop a big rise in mining operations and traders has been mostly free to act. But Russia has changed it stance on Bitcoin in the year 2017,  sometimes conflicting reports have been made about bitcoins, restriction has been put on centralized exchanges and ICO`s. Interestingly Russia is pushing forward with a national cryptocurrency the crypto rubble. A full framework for all cryptocurrencies and ICO`s is expected in 2018 that will ‘legalize’ the actions of miners, bitcoin owners and ICO`s. Although some restrictions for ‘retail’ investors are expected.

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